Le Mâchon du matin

Every day from Monday to Friday - from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.- 26€/pers




Authentic Lyon dish "according to the Chef's mood" or according to your

wish to order in advance


½ Saint Marcellin (Creamy cow milk cheese)


Cervelle de Canut (Cottage cheese mixed with herbs, shallots, garlic and  oignons)


25cl AOC Morgon (Beaujolais wine)



Anchored in Lyon's gastronomic tradition, it is served in the morning hours by "Authentiques Bouchons Lyonnais". It is generally made with pork or tripe, and sprinkled with pots of Beaujolais or Mâconnais. The word mâchon is derived from the verb to mash.

The mâchon is an element of Lyon's gastronomic heritage. A brotherhood, the Francs-Mâchons, contributes to its development and its notoriety.

The tradition of mâchon comes directly from the canuts, silk weavers of Croix-Rousse, who shared traditional Lyon meals at dawn, after hours of work. The mâchon is simple and user-friendly.

It is at the Petit Bouchon "Chez Georges" in the year of grace 1964 that the brotherhood of the "Francs Mâchons" was founded.